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Artist Statement

I have played with clay and glazes since 1978 and during most of that time I have lived in Cairns. A lot of my ceramic art works have been inspired by my surrounds - the reef and rainforest

Frequent travels throughout the Middle East, South-East Asia, Japan, China, Russia & Europe observing traditional techniques, visits to major museum collections of Sung Dynasty ceramics and exposure to modern innovations have provided an ability to approach works with a flexibility to adjust techniques to reflect ideas - or perhaps moods.

For the last few years I have been working on a series called " Rainforest  inspired ceramic forms". I have wanted to give my pots, texture, flow and movement. To do that I have been using paper clay which makes it possible to make intricate forms related to seeds, bark, etc and after experimenting with various glazes I have developed a mat chrome glaze with various amounts of chrome oxide to give my shapes and forms the changing colours of the rainforest and a certain glitter. All the works have been fired in oxidation at varying temperatures from 1200 to 1280 degrees C.

Sales of ceramic works

If you are interest in purchasing any of the Rainforest inspired ceramic works

Please contact Lone White  ph 0740537508 or email