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About Me

Born in Denmark in 1942 Lone attended Copenhagen University for several years until she married an Australian and left her home country. After living in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for six years she and the family, including four children, moved to Cairns in 1978 where she has remained and worked in ceramics for more than 40 years.

Her practical interest in pottery started when watching village pottery activities in Bougainville PNG. Several hobby courses, active involvement with the Cairns Potters Club and completion of certificate studies in Studio Ceramics and sculpture at the Cairns College of Technical and Further Education, ensured a full commitment. Seminars by the "Flying Art School" tutors and well known Australian and overseas potters etc. have provided an on-going stimulus.The most rewarding and influencing pursuit was the study and completion of a specialist course in "Stoneware Glazes" - designed by Ian Currie then with the Kelvin Grove College in Brisbane. This opened up the mysteries of specific glaze formulation and development including studies of ancient Chinese celadons, kuan, copper reds, Japanese shino glazes and modern crystalline types, to name a few. Revelation of the nature of glaze types and colours achievable was a major influence on future work.Frequent travel throughout the Middle East, South -East Asia, Japan and China observing traditional techniques, visits to major museum collections of Sung Dynasty ceramics and exposure to modern innovations have provided an ability to approach works with a flexibility to adjust techniques to reflect ideas - or perhaps mood.Current concerns are to develop form to fully exploit a special effect - crawling and chrome glazes. Other recent works attempt to explore an aged or oriental effect through glaze types.Lone has publicly expressed her thoughts:"I love working in the ceramic medium. It has unlimited possibilities. Domestic ware has never appealed to me. I keep exploring all available techniques from primitive forming and firing methods to use of modern materials and special firing schedules. Major influences on my work are my surrounds and impressions gained through extensive world travel."Her ambition is to continue to produce individual pots which effectively articulate her ideas through flexible use of the medium...In 2011 Lone was presented with an Australia Day Award

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