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About Me

Lone Vittrup White

Awarded Order of Australia Medal (OAM)
General Division 2023

For service to the creative arts as a ceramist.


I have prepared this site to communicate with other potters and people interested in ceramics as an art form, or things to touch, feel, and enjoy.

While I commenced potting as a hobby, it has developed into one of my primary interests.

Membership in organizations and striving to improve the status of ceramics as an art form has flowed from these interests and now appears to be part of the job.

I have included a small portfolio of my current works and directions for general information.

As an avid traveller in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, with a focus on village pottery and local artists, I am keen to discuss places of interest, techniques, and new ideas.

Recent Art Pieces

Recent Exhibitions & Awards

Exhibitions 2024

Cairns Arts Society Annual exhibition in Cairns Regional Gallery

Awards 2024

Sculpture Award First prize Cairns Art Society Annual Exhibition - Feb 2

"A Ceramic Journey"

Well known Cairns based ceramist Lone White; exhibitid 40 ceramic art works at the Tableland Regional Gallery from 11 May to 11 June 2012. This was her first solo exhibition at this gallery. The concept of the exhibition was to take the audience on a visual journey though her development and experience as a potter in the Cairns Region with the diverse influences of travel, study, and surrounds reflecting in her artwork.

Lone’s interest in pottery began more than 39 years ago when she embarked on a journey of discovery through clay, forms, decoration and glaze formulation. The exhibition  showed both retrospective and contemporary ceramic artworks complemented with her own commentary.