Influences, Collections and Directions

"I have now been playing with clay for over twenty five years. Having followed a general training route through the Cairns Tropical North College of Technical and Further Education Certificate, Sculptural modules and Ian Currie's wonderful Glaze Course, I have developed some favourite directions influenced by some of the above, strongly complemented by reading and impressions while travelling across a variety of cultural landscapes.

I would like to share images of some of these directions with brief comments leaving the viewer to explore and contemplate the results."

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Crystalline Glazes: (Click this link to enlarge)
A contemporary finish applied to traditional forms - common now with the emergence of new kiln firing technology.

"While working in a number of new directions I still attempt to refine and improve some of my favourite shapes and effects. Small crystalline glazed teapots particularly attract me."


Crawling Glaze:  (Click this link to enlarge) Again a contemporary approach using a glaze I have developed, it requires careful attention to the under spraying of metallic oxides, glaze application and thickness.

"I frequently move back to some of my favourite glazes as a way of complementing new and emerging concepts. The first piece is inspired by shapes commonly found in Middle Eastern copper work. The glaze has a high magnesium content which promotes crawling, and is applied over washes of cobalt, copper and iron oxide. Oxidation fired to 1280 degrees C."

Bronze Glaze: .(Click this link to enlarge)  These works depending on references to ancient bronzes with a contemporary touch.

"Glazes with a simulated Bronze finish have excited me recently and I have been experimenting with a number of combinations based on high manganese and copper oxide content, fired in an oxidizing atmosphere to 1280 deg. C. These glazes have a tendency to run and the glaze application requires special attention."

Spinosus Series:  (Click this link to enlarge) A decorative concept arising from the East with references to intricate design components but applied to shapes which seem to attract this treatment.


Chrome Glaze: ( Click this link to enlarge) Purely contemporary forms of an organic nature glazed with specially developed glaze which produces a fine crystalline "sparkle".

" I have also recently developed an interesting chrome based glaze which forms small glass-like crystals on the surface, producing an attractive 'sparkling' effect. Once again this glaze is fired in oxidizing conditions to 1280 degrees C. "

Sea Forms  (Click this link to enlarge)

Forms on which I am now working, derived from the shapes of skeletal remains of sea urchins, displaying the connections of the land with sea life.



Sundry Collection: (Click this link to enlarge)A collection of works in trial directions



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